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How Often Should you Exfoliate


by Dheeraj Garg 02 Nov 2022 1 commentaire


The global pandemic has changed the way we do pretty much everything. The way we work, the way we school, the way we shop for groceries, and the way we approach our skincare.

As we spend more time behind screens and their dreaded front-facing cameras, more people are seeking “Zoom glow ups” and at-home treatments have become the (groan) “new normal.”

Though it’s hard to predict what 2021 will look like in many aspects, we have a pretty good idea of what skincare trends will be big thanks to our expert roster of dermatologists, in the field.

With the unpredictable nature of when and how long certain cities will be in lockdown, we’re going to see more potent home versions of popular skincare treatments like exfoliate . Featuring natural ingredients and step-by-step instructions, how to use (Steps written below) products like Pinkroot Charcoal Scrub & Mask, are offering safe-to-use treatments that refresh a dull complexion and address specific skin concerns such as aging, discoloration and blemishes without having to go in to see your esthetician or dermatologist.

Ditch: Over-exfoliating your skin
“People treat exfoliation like they’re power washing a building facade,” . This is definitely unnecessary, and you should actually only exfoliate once a week. “Start on the lower end and increase your frequency to twice a week, if your skin can tolerate it. Any more than that can result in irritation or throw off your skin’s pH balance,”


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1 commentaire

04 Nov 2022 Prachi

I found the content very very useful 👌 n the way you have written its quite appreciated.

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