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Pink Root DE-TAN Cream Enriched with Milk & Honey extract 500ml

Some common ingredients found in  Pink root DE-TAN creams include hydroquinone, glycolic acid, konjac acid, and vitamin C. These ingredients work by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin, which is responsible for skin pigmentation. They can also exfoliate dead skin cells, revealing brighter, clearer skin.

 Pink root DE-TAN creams are typically applied to the face or other affected areas of the skin, and are used in conjunction with other skincare products such as sunscreen and moisturizer. It is important to follow the usage instructions on the product and to consult with a dermatologist before use to determine if it's appropriate for your skin type and condition.

It is important to keep in mind that Pink root  DE-TAN creams are not a substitute for sunscreen and should be used in conjunction with regular sunscreen application and other sun protection measures to prevent further skin damage from UV rays.

Pink root de-ten cream 10 benefits for man & woman

 1. Reduces the appearance of skin darkening from the sun and other sources.
 2. brightens the complexion overall.
3. improves the tone and texture of skin.
4. nourish and moisturise the skin.
5. aids in preventing future UV skin damage.
6. suitable for all skin types.
7. simple to use and absorb.
8. combined with other skincare products is possible.
9. can aid in minimizing the visibility of age spots and other blemishes.
10.can aid in enhancing the skin's general well-being and attractiveness.
It's crucial to remember that DE-TAN  Cream cannot replace sunscreen. Still, sunscreen should be utilized as your main line of refence against UV rays.
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A beautiful pink jar with numerous number of benefits. I can believe this product after researching each ingredients added to it. Konjac is said to have starchy benefits so i am sure that this will work.


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